2015 Summer Camps!

INTRODUCING SUMMER CAMPS! LOCAL STEW U is now offering summer camps – week long learning adventures with day camp and over night options! Our camps offer a variety of...

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A little more...

It’s a funny name for a FUN learning adventure! You can learn more about LSU in our “About LSU” page. Here’s the quick version… LSU is about ocean...

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About Us

L.O.C.A.L. S.T.E.W.  U = Land & Ocean Conservation In Agricultural Lifestyles for a Sustainable, Traceable, & Environmentally Wise Universe (LSU)

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Our Mission

LSU is dedicated to the design, creation, and conduct of after school programs and summer camps that provide positive and inspiring learning adventures. 

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L.S.U. Offers:

  • Weekend workshops & learning adventures
  • Summer camps
  • Tailored learning activities (ask for specific lessons)
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