Our Miscellaneous list includes items from commercial kitchen equipment to rakes and shovels!

Commercial kitchen equipment

Item Promised!

Price: 15,000+
Notes: Replacing the home's kitchen with commercial equipment allows the school to pursue the farm-to-table culinary aspects of the program.

Welding equipment

Price: varies
Notes: The school needs masks, aprons and tools to acommodate the training of up to 5 students at a time in the welding class.

Hand tools

Item Promised!

Notes: The school will need up to 35 of each: rakes, shovels, hand trowels & tools, hoes, trimmers, etc.

Carpenter's bags w/tools

Price: varies
Notes: We needs 8 tool bags with common wood working/fencing tools

hammers, prybars, etc

Item Promised!

Price: varies
Notes: The school needs 10 extra carpenter's hammers, wire fencing tools, prybars of various sizes and related tools.

First Aid kit (Qty 8)

Price: $22.00 each
Notes: First aid kits will be accessible to students in case of accident or emergency at several locations on the farm, house and on utility vehicles.
Link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/31FOIY28GBM9F/ref=cm_wl_huc_view