Farm Items

We are also grateful for donations of used equipment that works and meets our safety requirements. The safety of our staff and students who will be operating the equipment are our top priority.

Tractor w/bucket

Item Promised by Kellers!

Price: 10,000+
Size: For 40-60 acres
Notes: The farm and school will use this machine to keep up with the land needs and animal needs. Used equipment that is in safe, working order is acceptable. A bucket is necessary to our operations. A backhoe would be a welcome addition.

Utility Vehicles

Size: 4 seater w/dump bed
Notes: With a property size of 40+ acres, utility vehicles are an invaluable resource and a necessary item for farm safety and response time. 4-seaters are better considering the number of students working. Used vehicles in safe, working condition are gladly accepted.

Pull behind utility cart

Notes: 4 seater utility vehicles leave little cargo space. Utility carts add functionality to our utility vehicles.

Zero-turn mower

Item Promised by Kellers!

Notes: A good quality, zero turn mower will be critical in managing grasses and weeds on the property. Used equipment in safe, working order is gratefully accepted.

Woven wire fencing

Notes: We need to add woven wire to the existing 3 board horse fence that runs around the permitter of the 40 acre farm. This will be used as a barrier for horses, cows, goats, and hogs to keep the animals safe from accidental escape onto Broad Street.