The Philosophical Farm

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Our Philosophy

Mushrooms and fresh basil, sprinkled with some seasoning on the drying racks.

The farm is the core of our education program. Students gain a realistic perspective of farming and labor while tending to the plants and animals that come to rely on them for their very survival. The farm teaches respect and responsibility and fosters the development of a strong work ethic. More importantly, it provides a base for students to learn, in context, what is currently being taught in a very disconnected way in classrooms all over the world.

Farm to table

It’s all about the food. Students will grow, market, and sell their own products. The best part is, they also get to eat it! Our culinary program is all about farm to table and healthy preparation of delicious, nutrient-rich foods. The farm grows market animals, fish, fruits and vegetables, year round. Students will learn to prepare menus based on seasonal availability of their own foods.

Farm tours and experts

LoSU students gain immense knowledge working on the farm. Our offerings include animal husbandry, beekeeping, vegetable and fruit production, growing fish, equine science and more. Students also learn basic mechanics, carpentry, and welding skills–things that are all a necessary part of farming. But we extend their experiences off the farm by inviting experts in and taking them on fields trips in the area. Our students are exposed to a number of farming, veterinary, meat processing and other food related careers.

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