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2019-20 Tuition

Since we began in 2017, our goal has been to find a way to be more inclusive with our education programs. After considerable research and planning, we have decided to use the sliding scale tuition model to meet these goals. 

Sliding-scale tuition enables all LSUHS families to educate their children as equal members of an economically, racially and culturally diverse community.

How Does It Work?

Sliding-scale tuition is based on the principle that a family’s financial commitment should be in equitable proportion to its financial resources.  Tuition ranges from $2,400 – $13,500 per year (plus fees) based on family financial resources. In order to determine tuition, families submit a confidential Family Financial Worksheet during the application process, and annually thereafter. Families may choose not to submit financial information by signing the waiver at the end of the worksheet. By signing the waiver, families indicate that they will pay the maximum annual tuition. We also incorporate a graduated discount for siblings based on family financial resources. 

Additional fees:

  • $500 new learner fee for first-time applicants.
  • $400 yearly resource fee
    (covers academic materials, iPad with case and keyboard,  subscriptions, and books)
  • $25/month transportation fees for optional shuttle

Parent’s responsibility:

  • Field trip transportation and expenses
  • Lunches/snacks 

We do have revolving enrollment and take student transfers anytime during the year.


Visit our Tuition page for tuition and payment information!

3 Easy Steps to Apply:

Step 1: It all starts with a phone call or email to set up a time to meet, see the school & farm, and get your questions answered!

Step 2:
After you meet us and fall in love the possibilities, fill out the Enrollment Form,
and start working on reference letters - you'll need 3 letters of recommendation from someone other than a family member.

We look forward to sharing these learning adventures with you!

Step 3:
Plan a day to hang out with us as a student and see if its a good fit for you!

LoSU is a year-round day school.
Applications are taken on a revolving basis. Applicants will be notified of their acceptance within 2 weeks of their student visit day.

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