Gap Year Program

Finished high school but not ready? We can help.


Get ready for college, for work, for life.

We offer our unusual learning experience to recent grads or young folk with GEDs who feel they are not quite ready to move out on their own, get a job or go to college. Here at LoSU, post grads have a unique opportunity to relive their senior year with intention and purpose. Post grads work for a year on the farm, participate in senior programs, learn skills and discover themselves. During this year, they will become stronger academically, learn to research more effectively, work collaboratively, and develop skills and confidence.

These students are exposed to and develop:

  • strong relationships with community mentors and internships in areas of interest,
  • college prep and planning if so desired,
  • entrepreneurial thinking and planning,
  • solid development of work ethics, and
  • academic enrichment in areas where they need strengthening.

All this in an environment that encourages risk taking and decision making in a safe place. This is a place where students can learn from failures and learn to analyze information and data to look ahead and make more informed life and work decisions.

Gap year students apply with the same process as all of our students! We look forward to helping these students gain the confidence to continue their journey!





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