Summer Camp Mission

LSU is dedicated to the design, creation, and conduct of after school programs and summer camps that provide positive and inspiring learning adventures.  Our camps are designed to encourage a child’s natural curiosity, wonder and desire to learn about the world around them.  Our learning curriculum is crafted to accomplish this through the use of adventure and hands-on experiences.  It is our goal to educate our future generations about nature and its beauty while inspiring them to explore and pursue science related fields and have a positive impact on our world. The courses we provide will give our students hands-on opportunities for learning and the ability to directly participate in change at the local level.   Through our on-line training portal LSU will provide learning and enrichment opportunities through individualized student courseware, certification programs, teacher workshops, and training programs.

To learn more about L.O.C.A.L. S.T.E.W. U. and upcoming programs, visit our “About Us” page!