Ocean & Ag sciences meet on the farm...


L.O.C.A.L. S.T.E.W.  U = Land & Ocean Conservation In Agricultural Lifestyles for a Sustainable, Traceable, & Environmentally Wise Universe (LoSU)

How is that for an acronym? That long name comes with an even bigger responsibility! LoSU is taking on several challenging goals with love, dedication and enthusiasm. Originally, our goal was to use STEM* related educational components to bring the exciting world of ocean research and exploration inland, highlighting the connection between agricultural science and ocean science. However, as we offered classes, workshops and events here on the farm and became more involved with education in general, we broadened the scope of our learning activities.


We have become passionate about creating a learning environment where kids can learn at their own pace. Our vision now encompasses a sprawling school based on the science, math and economy of agriculture (with trickles of ocean science), where high-school students will come to love learning while developing skills they’ll need for life. This learning style embraces everything we believe children who are frustrated by traditional school will need to get re-engaged with education and a life-time of learning.

L.O.C.A.L. S.T.E.W.  U. will foster a strong desire for stewardship of the earth and its resources including watersheds in the Nation’s agricultural areas. At the same time, children will be engaged in and excited about the endless of possibilities for their futures in the myriad of related science, technology, engineering, mechanical and mathematics fields that they will be exposed to through these learning adventures!

*STEM refers to education in the following areas; Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

(The NOAA image above shows dead zones in the ocean from agriculture run-off)

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