A Different High School

Get them out of the classroom.

Real life learning to meet real world needs.


They don't have to be miserable...

These methods might not be working for your teen:

  • Sitting at a desk in a traditional auditory learning environment
  • Memorizing meaningless data for a
    standardized test
  • Learning things in a disconnected way

It can be so much better...

May I introduce you to your real teenager?

Find yourself engaged with your teen!

Instead of arguing over homework, grades, or trips to the principal’s office, they will talk to you about their accomplishments, the awesome things they learned, the fun time they had on a field trip and the projects they plan on undertaking in the next month or quarter.


Our Head of School

" It is such a pleasure to see frustrated, insecure teens metamorphose into competant and confident young adults. At LSUHS, we give them the tools they need to succeed in a 21st Century future. We show them kindness, compassion and trust. We allow them to learn to work independently, to experiment and to develop the skills to not only solve problems, but to recognize them ahead of time. It's not about the farm or the skills-based classes, it about learning in a holistic way."

- Resi Connell

How can I make this happen, you ask? Follow these simple steps…


Watch the video above.

Learn more about the school and our thinking behind these methods in this short video!


Explore the website.

Poke around under the “Academics” tab and the “Blog” to learn more about our philosophy, what and how your child will learn and see photos of their learning adventures here.


Call or email.

Call 844-744-3518 to arrange a tour to see the school in action. We would love to discuss this option with you and see if this is a good fit for your teen.

Give your teen real skills for a real future.