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February Events

Many LSUHS events are open to the homeschool community. Check out our February lineup!

Developing Real World Skills

Critical thinking, problem solving and collaboration.

Encouraging Creativity

Explore creativity through projects, music, and arts.

Collecting, Analyzing and Communicating

Learning to access & collect information as well as how to communicate their discoveries.

Building skills they need for a new marketplace

Agility, Adaptability, Initiative and Entrepreneurship

On Campus

Our unique approach nurtures a passion for learning that will be with the student for life. Our on campus learning program provides an environment that allows each student to flourish under the individualized guidance of teachers who are trained, not to teach the student subjects, but to encourage the student to think, explore, solve problems and communicate. A small teacher/student ratio allows us to develop a tailored approach to each student’s unique learning style as well as their needs and goals.


Off Campus

We offer an off campus support program that allows students and their families the flexibility and freedom to choose how they want to learn, regardless of where they are located. Our guides work with families to customize a learning plan to meet your child’s learning style and goals, monitor and grade activities, and provide a transcript upon graduation.


We also offer a blended program that combines the value of on campus, guided learning with the flexibility of off campus, independent learning. This completely customizable program allows for more parent input, provides a more diverse learning environment and offers flexibility in family budgeting.



LSUHS Mission & Vision

Our vision is to foster a lifelong love of learning, exploration and entrepreneurial thinking. Our programs will also encourage a strong desire for stewardship of the earth and its resources including watersheds in the Nation’s agricultural areas. Our students will be engaged in and excited about the endless possibilities they will see for their future in the myriad of related science, technology, engineering, mechanical and mathematics fields that they will be exposed to through our guided learning adventures.


Our Head of School

" It is such a pleasure to see frustrated, insecure teens metamorphose into competant and confident young adults. At LSUHS, we give them the tools they need to succeed in a 21st Century future. We show them kindness, compassion and trust. We allow them to learn to work independently, to experiment and to develop the skills to not only solve problems, but to recognize them ahead of time. It's not about the farm or the skills-based classes, it about learning in a holistic way."

- Resi Connell



Our Upcoming Events & Activities



Presidents’ Day – NO SCHOOL!

Enjoy your day off. 🙂

Event Info



LSUHS/Homeschool classes

Express yourself through writing & Intro to Graphic Design

Event Info

Classes have started. You can find more information at: http://independencefuniefarm.com/events/



VSU Workshop

VSU Small Engine Repair Workshop, Halifax VA

Event Info

We will pick students up at 8 AM at the Hull Street McDonalds alternate pickup and head on down to Halifax. 

This workshop will help you understand how a small engine works, common problems that occur, and how to fix them. Information on safety and risk management issues related to small engine repair will also be included as part of this hands-on workshop.

Small Engine Repair and Maintenance – Virginia Cooperative Extension – Virginia State University

Four-cycle engines are found on many types of equipment used by farmers including mowers, tillers, chain saws, ATVs and more! Knowing how to maintain and repair small engines can save you time and money. This workshop will help you understand how a small engine works, common problems that occur, and how to fix them.



State Capital Tour

State Capital tour, meet representatives, see a Senate session. DRESS NICE!

Event Info

Travel to Richmond, Virginia’s State Capital, where we will join a group of foreign exchange students that are hosted in Virginia to meet with Area Representatives, tour the Governor’s mansion & the Capital building, have lunch in the Capital, and be presented on the floor during the Senate and House sessions.
Open to all students, cost $10-15 for lunch.
Thursday – February 20, 2020

***We will be meeting with Local Delegate Mark Cole and his Legislative Assistant Karen Stuber. The group will also be scheduled for a tour of the Capitol building, and you will be introduced in the Senate and House sessions, during our observation time with them. After lunch at the Capital Café, we will tour the Executive (Governor’s) Mansion.
This will be an all-day activity.

**Dress for the day is Business casual (NO jeans or sweats). *Remember you are representing your country – Look your best!

Proposed – Our 2020 Tour Schedule

Students & families Arrive in Capital
Meet Karen @ 9:00 am
9:15 am Delegate Mark Cole
10:00 am Capitol Tour
11:00 am Lunch
12:00 pm House of Delegate visit
1:00 pm Gallery seating for Senate
2:30 Tour Executive Mansion
4:00 pm Departure



LSUHS/Homeschool classes

Express yourself through writing & Intro to Graphic Design.

Event Info

Classes have started. You can find more information at: http://independencefuniefarm.com/events/



LSUHS/Homeschool classes

Culinary Arts

Event Info

Homeschool students can join any week for $15. Contact us prior to the class day!

Our School

Facilities and Organizations

The school is located in Charles City, within easy reach of downtown Richmond, Mechanicsville, New Kent, Chester, Hopewell, and Eastern Chesterfield and Henrico Counties. A shuttle service is provided for students from the Schockoe Bottom area.

Project Based / Active Learning

Student centered learning with emphasis on core competencies, trade and life skills through farm and other projects.

Farm projects include equine science, goat-keeping, bee-keeping, animal husbandry, agriculture, mechanics, welding, carpentry, and more.

The Environment
Imagine, if you will, a high-school where students are free to learn at their pace and to pursue their interests. A school that is based on activities and projects that have meaning and provide value to both the student and the community. It is not a school with classrooms and desks. There is no disconnected curriculum, bits of this and that which the students must try to memorize and test for. Instead, they find themselves surrounded by abundant fresh air and limitless opportunities for personal growth, development of both critical thinking and real-world skills.
Much of the formal learning that takes place here at LOCAL STEW U will happen within the projects. Students will learn and immediately apply crucial 21st Century skills as they explore and develop their ideas. Projects include basic maths; geometry; economics; statistics; many of the sciences, including: earth, zoology, botany, life, chemistry; natural resources; conservation & stewardship; physics and more. College level research and data analysis skills are taught and reinforced throughout the student’s entire time at LoSU.
Extracurricular Activities
Students enjoy off-farm, team building, wilderness adventures each month. From overnight white water kayaking and backpacking trips to rock climbing and caving adventures!
Pathways Program
Advanced students are connected with personalized community service projects, career mentoring, local business internships, and college advising to help them prepare for life after high school.



Our News & Announcements

News, announcements and blog articles! Follow our progress, events and learning fun.

Weekly Wrap-up Feb 13

Weekly Wrap-up Feb 13

Lots of off-campus activities this month! Occassionally, we have one of those months where there are quite a number of opportunties for the students on our radar and we manage to squeeze a bunch of them in. This is one of those months. We love to share these...

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Weekly Wrap-up Feb 7

Weekly Wrap-up Feb 7

A great start to February! Our first week of February was quite interesting. If you have seen the February Calendar Corral, you know that February is going to fly by with all of the events we have planned! Monday The first Monday of each month begins with the Real...

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Weekly Wrap-up Jan 31

Weekly Wrap-up Jan 31

January is over? Not sure how that happened. It went by so quickly! This is how we spent the last week of January... Monday LSUHS student holding Ember, thefirst baby goat of the season We've been doing the outside work in the mornings now to accommodate afternoon...

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